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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Karol Ka Tibba Trek

Karol Tibba is the mountain top situated in Solan. Trek to the place is easy and can be done in one day. I did this trek on 10-Mar-2018.

I took the morning bus from Chandigarh ISBT (Sector 43 Bus Stand), there are plenty of buses avaliable throughtout day-night and it takes about 2.45 hourse to reach Chamaghat.

I had breakfast in chambaghat which was a typical north indian Aloo Parantha and one Parantha was enough for me to get started on the track. Trek starts on a uphill way near to the bus stand, you will see 2-3 veegtable shops there.

One should stay on the Pakka road which i missed and went on to a lone vilage house. There were few dogs there and i had to call the owner to help me out. Villagers are good natured and he showed me the correct route. I took me 45 mins to reach the village ' Jarnash'.

It is a beuatiful village, secluded from the hush-rush of Solan and i requested a villager to help me till top and Mannu from the village obliged on my request. I was caryying only half litre water (despite many wanrinings i read on internet).

There was a below deviation on the way and i had no water left so we decided to head to 'Kutiya' (Divine-Hut). There was a Baba (Sage) in the kutiya and we had long discussion on religion-gyan and other topics. Baba ji is only 27 years old and stays all alone in the Kutiya.

He helped us with Water and then asked Mannu to make tea for everyone. We had our Black tea and then he took us to 'Pnadava' cave. He the invited us for lunch while coming back from the top.

We reached on top in another one hour, One can see Solan city from top and Jakhu temple of Shimla (Mannu could see this while i could even with my specs on :) ).

We reaached Kutiya back in about one hour and made lunch of rice-aloo sabzi. Baba ji was insisting to go to another temple nearby while i requested him to leave as i need to back Chandigharh same day.

Another 1.5 hour of trek and i was back to Chambaghat. Chandigarh buses are avalialbe from Solan Bye-Pass and i hired a rick to  reach there after visiting Solan Mall Road.