Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shiv Gange and Adventure Camp

Shiva Kumar, My BMC batch mate at ABVIMAS Manali, I am very thankful to him for inviting me to his village, Kulipura (Nelamangala). We had beautiful trek and nice camp experience.
4 Sep 2010
Started from my place around 9 in the morning and reached Nelamangala where Shiva came to pick me up. Reached his house and had Lemon rice with cocunut chutni (believe me it was better than you get in hotels in Bangalore). We decided to leave for ShivGange which was 40Km from his house. We left on his bike and reached place around 1 o'clock. Bought water from shop outside and started walking.

Place is beautiful with view of greenery in outskirts of Bangalore. There is temple on the way up where you can go and try your luck. You have to put your hand inside the cave if water come out then something good gonna happen to you.

Now we left for top and stairs toward the top were well built and demand little(may be quite good) effort to climb.Reached top in another 15 mins, took some photos there and came back.

In evening i asked Shiva for 'narial pani' , we went to his relative farm. I drank some 6-7 cocunets and that too just out from tree (Very fresh). I had normal rice/sabji while Shiva ate ragi balls which again was new experience (to watch him eating, you need experience to eat that). Went upstairs , talked about our batch mates in Manali and went to sleep on time.

5 Sep 2010

First of all we went to Shiva's sister home. We were invited for breakfast. It was Puri and Sabji , very well made after which we had sweet Pongal. We left for campsite Ramnagara (where Sholay was shoot).
On the way ,we stopped to see big banyan tree(1500 years old). Reached campsite around 11 o'clock. There i met Nagraj (Manali batch mate who won prize for awareness on environment cleanness at BMC) and Prabhu (Shiva and Nagraj's Guru). I went for Chimney climbing first and then i was helping them i arranging event.

We did rappelling and monkey crawling. I left place on 3 o'clock and reached home around 5:30. That was how a weekend well spent.

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