Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kumaon Explored

Date: 13-Feb-2010 to 17-Feb-2010
Member: Saksham Nagar and me
Expenditure: 1700 per person
Starting and End point: Ghaziabad

Day 0: Took Ranikhet Express only train connecting Delhi to Kumaon Region of Uttrakhand. Slept well.

Day 1: After contacting some local people we get to know that transportation from Haldwani is better than Kathgodam so we left that train and came out of the station.Some quick sips of tea and we were ready to start our journey to Ranikhet. Bus-stand is near station and one can take a bus private or roadways (recommended). It was a 4 hour journey where mountains started in first kilometer of the journey.
Ranikhet Bazaar: First impression of Ranikhet bazaar was that people are very foody. Bazaar was full of sweets, tea and namkeen shops. We were hungry and took our breakfast in the only complete veg restaurent that we found, 'Bhagat Bhojnalya'.
Hedakhan Mandir: Temple is devoted to Baba Hedakhan and there is one ayurvedic hospital also. Temple also provide some good seceneric views of Kumaon hills. We walked till this place which is some 3-4 Km from Ranikhet in 'Chilianaula'. Another way is to get here is to take share cab.
Golf Ground: This is the second best golf ground of Indian Army after one in Kashmir. Time we reached there some officers were playing. Walking to this place was good experience as we got chance to take come good photographs of snow covered peaks of Himalayas. This is situated 5 Km from Ranikhet and we took a cab back on our way to Ranikhet.

Now it was time to find a hotel. We came to Tourist Rest House of K.M.V.N (it is in mall road, 3 Km from Ranikhet Bazaar) and booked a room. During dinner downhill at 'Prem Hotel' , Local people told us that various movies named 'Honeymoon', 'Hakumat' etc shooting has taken place in and around this hotel.

Day 2:
Woke up late in the morning ( continuing hostel habits) . After having tea, we came to mall road.
Jhula Devi Temple: We came to know that there is temple nearby. We decided to walk till this place. Temple was peaceful. From this place next destination was 'Apple Garden'.
Apple Garden: Raniket is known for its apples also. We were in mood to walk to this place from Jhula Devi Temple, Army person told us that "Bagh (Tiger) is roaming in this part of jungle, it will be better to go in Cab". We followed his instructions. There was no apple in the garden as it was a fall season but we managed to get some good clicks.

Sitlakhet: This place is 20 Km from Rankhet. To reach this place first we took a bus on a way to 'Almora' and left the bus after first 10 km at 'Kathpudia'. From here we took share cab till 'Sitlakhet'. Place was worth coming Snow Covered peaks of 'Himalaya' was clearly visible.Here in 'Sitlakhet' one person recommended us to go to 'Syahi devi' temple. It was 5 km trek, after 3 km trek we realized that we have not seen human since last 1.5 km and we heard dogs barking. At this point we decided not to continue further and came back to market.After one hour of struggle we managed to get a share cab and reached 'Kathpudia'. Here we took bus to 'Kosi' next stopping point. Here we went down to river 'Kosi' and took some photos and came back.

Almora: Next stay was 'Almora'. It was 10 km from here. We reached there and booked a hotel 'Ranjana'.
Almora Bazaar: Point of caution, do not come with all your money, because market so well designed for retailing that you may end up spending all of it. Up hill market is 1Km long market and we really enjoyed walking and eating around here.Took our dinner at 'Bhumika Restaurant' , again the only veg restaurant that we found.

Day 3:
Chatai Temple: This temple is of lord 'Golu Devta' who is worshiped by lot of people around here in Kumaon Region. There is ritual of binding a bell and application on tree near the temple. This place is 10 km from 'Almora' .
Kalimutt and Mohan's Cafe: This is 10 km from 'Almora' and this place is known for Seceneric beauty. Recommended way to reach this place first reach Kalimutt by cab and then take 1 km walk till cafe, where on the way you will get to see nice view of 'Himalaya'.

This was the last point of out trip. We took cab to 'Almora' ,then a bus to 'Haldwani' and then a bus to 'Ramnagar'.After reaching 'Ramnagar' we came to know that Corbett reservation center is close and some other tourist told us it is not worth spending to go Corbett. Beside that we was not having time to stay inside 'Dhikala' so decided to come back.

Back Journey was interesting first 30 km in Sleeper, next 40 km in General and next 200 km in sleeper. Finally we reached Ghaziabad.


  1.  Nice post! Kumaon is a one of the great tourist attraction in Uttranchal, It is a very peaceful and close to nature destination where you feel peace and satisfaction. There are many locations that will isolate you from the speedy life and you will return refreshed to normal life.

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  3. Nice blog post :)
    Ranikhet is famous for its two temples- jhoola devi mndir and kali devi mndir. The hill station can be visited at any time of the year and hotels in Ranikhet are known for their pleasant and friendly hospitality.