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Nag Tibba Trek

We are two friends Sidharth,Gagan and we went to 'Nag Tibba'. It was a awesome trip. Here we are explaining the trip. For any inquiry about the trek mail me at

Day 0 (3 july-09)

Journey started around 9:00 pm on 3rd june-09 from IMT campus. Train was late by 1:30 hour and was able to catch train at around 11:30.

Day 1 (4th July):


Reached Dehradun by 8:00 AM and had a breakfast at 'Royal Sweets' just outside Dehradun station.You can hire a taxi or a bus for the Mussoorie from Dehradun railway station as well. For bus you have to stand in long queue (in peak time ) for seat and if you a flexible you can go in a bus without seat and you need not to stand in a queue ( like we went standing but managed to get seat as local leave the bus earlier than 'Mussoorie') .we reached mussoorie by 11:00 AM.


The first thing to be done in Mussoorie was to take permission from 'Divisional Forest Officer' to stay in 'Forest Rest House' in 'Devalsari'. It took around one hour to take permission and we decided to roaming around in mall-road for some time. We bought some biscuits and namkeen for trek,left for Tehri bus stand which is straight walking distance from Mall-Road itself. From Tehri Bus stand one can easily get a share-taxi for 'Thatyur' which is about 1:30 hour distance from Tehri Bus stand. We got a share taxi easily but there was some problem in taxi on the way so we took a bus to ' Suvakholi' which is around 10 KM from Mussoorie and then we took another taxi and reached 'Thatyur' around 4:00 PM.

Thatyur-Devalsari-Night stay:

Now from Devalsari we again have to get a taxi which will take us to a village ' Bangsil'. WE have to wait for around 40 minutes for a taxi and reached 'Bangsil'. While travelling in Taxi we met local people named 'nagendra,gajendra' from 'O
othad' village and a gentleman named 'virender' from 'Bhudkot' village who later helped us to reach 'devalsari' which is around 1.5 KM from 'Bangsil'. We was able to reach 'Devalsari' at around 6:30 PM. We met caretaker 'Mr. S.S.Tomar' who checked our permissio
n letter and aloted us the 'Rest House' and asked us to take spring water from down the hill. When we asked him about the purity of water and he said: " Bhaiya, itna thanda,shud pani to apke Delhi,noida ki fridge main bhi nhi milta hoga.".
We made 'Maggi' on local 'chullah' o
urself. We hired a guide 'Prem Singh; for Rs.400 and decided we will leave early in the morning by 5:00 AM and we went t
o sleep.

Day 2 (5th July):

Trek to Nag tibba:

We wake up around 4:15 AM and started getting ready and packed our stuff. We
was offered tea by Mr.S.S.Tomar and after having tea we left for 'Nag Tibba' around 5:30 AM. Our guide was not very strong but being a 'pahari' he was having good stamina. He picked our bag and we started walking.
After one hour and travelling for about 2 Km we reached a village 'Oothad'. This is the place from where 'Nag Tibba' Trek starts.From this place there are two ways to tibba. First one is long way usually used by terkker and other one is short-cut used by villagers only. Our guide didn't mentioned about both the paths and asked us to move on shortcut. It is after 2 Km he told us about both the ways. This short-cut path is less in distance and but it is very steep. We was taking breaks in between the way and eating our stuff.There was not a single person that we met in our way till first 3.5 Km after 'Oothad'. Then we met a villager and he talked to 'Prem Singh' in their local language that we was not able to understand. Prem Singh told us that he (the guy we met ) is from 'chhanni'( Place where 2-3 houses are there) on the hill. We reached on 'chhanni; after 1 hour. Prem Singh took bottles and then he get it filled from the 'chhanni' but the water from the 'chhanni' was smellng and was bad in taste but we was left with no option but to drink it.It took another 30 minutes to reach a point where the short-cut and long way met.We waited there for around 30 mins and ate some biscuits and namkeen and left for next stop on the way that was 'Taal'.On repeatedly asking by me 'Prem Singh' told us that 'Taal' is very near around 1.5Km but it was actually 2.5Km away and on the way i was bit frustrated with 'Prem Singh' lying to us. We reached 'Taal' around 10:30 AM. From there 'Nag Tibba' was a plain trek and took another 70-80 minutes to reach 'Nag tibba'. The view from the top was awesome. There was 'Nag-Devta' temple also. Some people was there that was living there and they live there for 5-6 months in a year for there goats. They told us that 'Gujjar' are up on the hill and they gave us some water which was much better than the water we earlier had.
'Nag Tibba Top' known as 'Jhandi' was 3 Km from 'Nag Tibba' and was very steep trek. We have already planned to come back today itself so we decided not to go there.
Regarding Accomodation at 'Nag Tibba' there is a house built by forest department and has been left for anybody to stay.If you are planning to go to 'Nag Tibba Top' you will need to stay at 'Nag tibba' and we will recommend coming with a sleeping bag ( No tent is required as house is open for all but there is no sleeping arrangement inside ).
At 'Nag tibba' we met number of villagers that was from 'Panthwari' side of the hill another side from where one can trek.After eating again and taking rest for some time we started back trek at around 1:00 Pm.

Nag Tibba to Devalsari:

After spending good time at 'Nag Tibba' we was ready mentally and physically to trek for around 13 Km again. It look very easy to come down the hill but there was acute pressure on knee. In between the way 'Prem Singh' told us that Bear can come any time so we started trek faster. We was left with no water. Guide told us that it will take another 2-3 hours to reach water.
Around 2:45 Pm we reached common point between short-cut and long way. We asked him to take us from long way this time.afte walking for around 1 hour. He showd me the water point which look very near down the hill and he told us it will take 1:20 hour to reach there by long way and 20 min if go direct down.We was thirsty and followed him on a very steep hill. At water point we met a lady who was 'Nepali' and was living out of the village and villager have stopped water supplly for her family. some how we managed to get litle bit of
water for us and left for 'Oothad' at around 4:15PM. On the way 'Prem Singh' again took us from all the short-cuts and 'Gagan's' knees was not helping him and he was walking very slowly. We reached 'Oothad' at around 5:30 Pm.
We took some water from spring outside the village and left for 'Devalsari'. On the way at 'Pujalndi' we bought some rice,daal and onion for making dinner.We reached 'Devalsari' at 6:30 PM.

Dinner Preparation:

After 26 Km trek making your own dinner was a quite hectic process but we enjoyed a half coooked 'daal and rice' and asked 'Rane' to bring milk in the morning from the nearby village. We slept around 9:15 PM.

Day 3 (7 july-09)


Day started with a all body paining.I woke up around 6:15 and by 7:00 AM i was ready and went out to capture morninig moments in form of photos which you can see here. There i asked 'Rane' to take some photos of mine and gagan. In the meantime 'Mr. S.S.Tomar' prepared milk for us and he told us to reach 'Bangsil' by 8:50 otherwise we will miss the bus.
We drank milk in hurry, then completed formalities of signing registerand left for 'Bangsil'. We reached 'Bangsil' and by the time we reached , last taxi had left the place . We asked some local people about our situation. Majority of them advised us to go by foot while one or two advised to wait for another taxi. We being very impatient left the place along with a local villager who was also going to 'Thatyur'. On the way he told us that it will be around 10 Km trek and will take around 1:30-2 hours.
Gagan was already very tired and my foot was also paining but somehow we started trek. On the way we got a chance to see some very good scenaries and clicked some nice shots.On the way to 'Thatyur' we saw some taxis going to 'Bangsil' and thought it was better to wait there. We reached 'Thatyur' by 10:40 AM.


There we bought some 'samosas' and sit in a first taxi to go 'Mussoorie'. Alas Taxi was punctured and then Taxi driver was having spare tyre and he replaced it. But Bad luck this new tyre was also puncture and it wasted around 40 Minutes of ours. Anyhow we reached 'Mussoorie' around 1:40PM . Someone on the way suggested us to leave taxi at 'KingCraig' but that was bad decision we shoud have left taxi at picture palace from where we need to go to 'Gandhi Chowk'. Anyway now we was at 'KingKrain' and 'Gandhi Chowk was around 2 Km from this place and we was in no mood to walk anymore. For the same reason we convince two diffrent scooter wala's and reached 'Gandhi Chowk' and by that time it was too late to goto 'Kempty Fall' so decided to have lunch and leave for 'Dehradun'.

Dehradun Stay

By 5:30 we reached 'Dehradun' Railway station and stayed there for till 7:30 PM. We left for dinner and visited local market. We entered a Bengali hotel but came out after seeing some non-veg stuff and went to nearby another hotel. We ordered 'Matar-Paneer' ,'Paneer-Bhujia' and 'Parnathas' our favorite and then went to have some 'jalebis' but jalebis was not as expected so gave it away.
so get into train after taking some pictures at Station. Gagan was writing his dairy entry and i was raoming around . Train left at time.

Day 4 (8 July-09)

when we wake up it was 'Hapur' around 7:00AM. We was expecting to reach Ghaziabad around 7:30 but train reached around 8:00 AM and i reached IMT and back in my college life and Gagan was back to his job.

Good Bye..Thanks for reading blog....keep visiting to know about some more adventurous treks.We will appreciate your comments and feel free to ask any queries.


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  10. Nice narration of Nag Tibba Trip. Congratulations for having done this trip...however you could save time if you had not gone to Devalsari. I live in Dehradun. I did this trek on 13th/14th March'15. You can check my blog am going again to Nag Tibba on 25th/26th April'15. I have a tent and sleeping bags also. If any one is interested in joining me, pl let me know...Trekking is the best way to enjoy life.

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  13. I along with my friends Dhiraj Kain, Deepak Sharma, Varun Gupta and Anuj Gulia went to nag tibba on 25-Mar-2016. It was Anuj Gulia who told us about gthis trek.This was one of best trek for the beginners. We started from Faridabad and reached village Pantwari around 12 pm and took sleeping bags from one of the shop on rent. This shop have everything one needs for treking on rent. Anuj has tents of his own so we did not took tents on rent. We started our journey around 12:15 from Pantwari and reached at base camp around 6 pm. The route was good. Initially we had problems as this was our first trek but after sometime everything was okay. We enjoyed in the evening at the base camp. Early morning next day we started for the nag tibba top. Around 10 am we reached at the top and it was awesome there. We started back and reached at Pantwari around 4 pm. It was one of best experiences i have in my entire life. I will suggest everyone who are interested in adventure activities to go for this trek once in their life.
    Sunil Kaswan

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