Thursday, December 31, 2009

Naina Devi Trip

One of the jovial trip I had.

Trip members: Sidharth,Amit Doda,Sahota,Anurag,Gurpreet (gufi) and Gautam

Duration: 2 days (somewhere in 2006)

Day 0:

Very morning we all started from Hostel No.2, NIT Jalandhar. Gufi met us at bus stand. We took a direct bus to‘Anandpur Sahib’. Reached there around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. From here to Naina Devi, transport service is not very good (it was 4 years back) but you can get a small bus which runs after 45-60 mins each.

It took 2 hours to reach the base of Temple . From here it was around 5 Km climb. We decided to go by foot; there is a rope way also which one can use. Reached at main temple around 6:30PM. The place was very peaceful and being off season we were able to get ‘Dharamshala’ very easily.

We visited Naina Devi Mandir in the night. I, Anurag and Doda went out to enjoy wind and had a long talk on philosphy of living life.

Day 1:

Wake up around 4 AM to see ‘Aarti’ (Religious Ritual) but excessive presence of monkeys on the way to bathroom. It took 2 hour to get all of us ready.After visiting temple we went to nearby temples and took out breakfast.

It was decided that next point will be to visit ‘Bhakra Nangal Dam’. We tooka bus from temple base which took us to ‘Dam’ via indirect route. The scenery on the way was awesome. Reached at Dam around 11 Am but we was not carting permission card to go inside.

Gautam took out a biscuit packet and started eating. I was carrying all the eating stuff and ‘prasad’. I also took out biscuit packet from the bag (you can see the bag in my hand in picture ). Monkeys must have seen that and they came running to me. Now it was my time to run so I left the bag on the road and ran away. In front of our monkeys took all our stuff. Chalo, Now I was at least hands free on rest of my way.

Next stop was Ropar, where we came to know that due to ‘Chief Minister’ ralley road is blocked so there is no way to reach 'Anandpur Sahib' from here. We did some bargaining with local cab driver but price was high. Gautam,Sahota and Doda decided to go back but I,Anurag nad Gufi were not ready to leave it easily so we decided to take a chance.

Now here we were standing on road which leads to ‘‘Anandpur Sahib’’ after trying various buses and trucks for lift. A bus wala was ready to take us but told us clearly if he gets traffic on the way then we have to drop on the way. We stood ready.

But as they Risk takers are profit makers (we 3 in the right). We reached ‘Gurdwara’ on time and after seeing nearby ‘Gurdwaras’.

After all this tiring journey 'Langar' (Collective food offered in 'Gurdwara') was awesome. we started our journey back to college.

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