Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kangra,Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj

Kangra Fort

Triund Photos
View From Triund Top

Stone structure at Triund

Massage Tent at Top

one more view

On the way
me,nitin and pandey :)

Trying Usain Bolt action, Suchit at front.

Way to Triund

Nitin's Cake

Kangra Fort

On way to Kangra from UNA

Una Station

Monastery at McleodGanj

Members: Sidharth,Rathik,Nitin,Sahu,Pandey,Rishab and Suchit
Cost: Approx. INR 2600 per person
Duration: From 14/03/10 to 19/03/10

Day 0: 14/03/10
After leaving IMT we went to GZB station and took 7:20PM EMU to Delhi. Rathik joined us at Old Delhi station and we boarded UNA-HIMACHAL express. Sahu and Rathik's ticket was General and they travelled in Sleeper(somehow they didn't get caught).

Day 1: 15/03/10
Train reached UNA around 8:15 . We took auto to Una Bus stand where we had quick breakfast. Next stop was Kangra,while boarding bus we missed Sahu. On the way we asked him to reach 'Kangra'. Journey was of 3 hours and 45 mins. In 'Kangra' we visited Fort and Mandir. Fort was well built and we took a good number of photographs. Mandir was not very crowdy. Around 4 PM we left for 'Chamunda Devi'. This place has its religious importance and there is small river nearby where one can take bath. We left for 'Dharamshala' around 8:15 PM while last bus for 'Dharamshala' was around 8:30 PM.

We stayed in 'Padmini Hotel' near Kotwali Bazaar and took dinner at 'Mansarover-Dhaba'. Food was delicious and we went to sleep after taking some pics in the market.

Day2: 16/03/10
Our plan was to leave for 'McLeod-Ganj' around 8AM. We managed to reach for breakfast around 9:45 and left for 'McLeod-Ganj' on a bus. Local buses and taxis are available from 'Kotwali-Bazaar' at nominal rates.

After reaching 'McLeod-Ganj' we came to know that 'Dal-Lake' is dry and not worth going. We decided to leave for 'Bhagsunang' . Nitin,Pandey and Sahu took bath in swimming pool where chilled water was pouring in from mountains. There is small trek from this place to 'Bhagsu-Waterfall'. After cool shower it was time to eat something. We took snacks at German-Bakery nearby. Here Pandey was interested in getting back-massage, we visited some shops and asked for charges.

Next part of the trip was 'Tsuglag Khang' , a tibetan temple. Place was wonderfull and worth visiting. Here we saw Tibetan style debate and saw His Holiness Dalai Lama. In Museum we came to know about China Government policies against Tibetesse Buddhism. It took us some time to visit these places and auto-wala (auto-person) was not happy with time spent by us and was asking for more money. Both of these places were not very far away so i will recommend going by walk.

Our hotel 'Mount-View' was not very far from the main chowk. We had dinner at 'Bhagsu-Punjabi' dhaba. Food was good and after it we went to roam around in the market. Here we asked local tour operators about 'Triund-trek', we bought some eating stuff to carry with us. Next day was Nitin birthday, Suchit and Rathik went to order cake.

Day 3: 17/03/10
Happy Birthday Nitin
Around 12AM we(except me and rishab) celebrated Nitin Birtdhay.

As planned we woke up around 7AM and reached main chowk. Left for Dharamkot in Auto.I will recommend walking from McLeod Ganj to Dharamkot as place is not far away. From Dharamkot there are two paths, we took shortcut which meets main way after 1.5 KM and there is one cafe further .5Km on the way. We took breakfast and bought some candies from the cafe and left.

Trek is well laid path and you don't need guide. We met local people on the way. After another 2.5 Km we reached another cafe but this time we decided not to stop. Now it was about 3 hours since we started walking. Pandey and I was listening to music and walking. Nitin was busy in taking photographs (where pandey was posing in front of each photograph). Suchit got nature's call on the way and he went to pick it up. Sahu was walking at his own pace but slows down whenever we open something to eat.By this time Rathik was very tired and was finding it difficult to walk. Rishab didn't came with us and he went to Church.From this point onwards i started encouraging Rathik to walk and we reached 'Triund-Top' by 12:30 PM.

This place was worth walking this much as we was able to see Hanuman ka Tibba (5639 m) highest peak of 'Dhauladhar' ranges of Himalayas. Nitin,I and Pandey decided to move further till Tibetan Temple while Rathik took some photos at Triund. Sahu talked to some Israelies and Suchit was posing for Rathik. There are number of shops at this place and you can buy whatever you want. Things are little costly. We took lunch and slept for half an hour. In this half an hour , Nitin snored 29 times (counted by Rathik).

We left the top around 3:15PM. I and Sahu were walking fast so reached down by 5:PM while others were walking slow so they took 30 mins more than us. Rathik get injured(ankle twisted) on the way.This time we took the long way and reached 'Dharamkot'. Here I and Sahu decided to walk till 'McLeod-Ganj'. Nitin gave us party in 'Bhagsu-Punjabi' Dhaba and we all slept well for the night.

Day 4: 18/03/10
Plan was to leave 'McLeod-Ganj' by 6:45 AM. We were late by 1 hour and reached 'Dharamshala' by 8:10. Here we sat in bus to 'Palampur' to took 'Toy-Train' till 'Kangra'. I will recommend to leave bus at 'Maranda' otherwise you have to travel back to took train from Palampur. Anyway we reached 'Palampur', took our breakfast there and reached 'Maranda'. Toy train journey was good as it lead us through the moutntains where we can touch plants while sitting in the train.

To reach 'Kangra', it is better to drop at 'Kangra-Mandir' station. From here one can take share auto. After long discussion (Pandey,Nitin deeply involved, pandey sonsulted ganne ke juicewala) We decided to take lunch at 'Kangra'. After good lunch(Banana-shake and allooGobhi) we left for 'Mubarakpur' as this time direct bus for 'UNA' was not available. From 'Mubarikpur' we changed for 'UNA'.

Train was on time (as this is origin). All of us took deep sleep and reached college back at 9AM. This is how my last trip from IMT ended.
Thanks for reading my blog.For further trekking in this area ,try this link.



  1. Gr8 Work gullu..kudos!!

  2. Gr8 work gullu..kudos!!

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