Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ambarsar Trip

Sidharth Garg,Sarwanjeet Singh,Nimesh Jain, Aujaswi Agarwal, Amit Sukamaran, Saurav Anand, Amkit Singh, Rakesh Satpute and Roshan Rane.

Trip: Amritsar
Duration:10 Aug 2008-12 Aug 2008
Ambarsar is the one place which is expected to be visited by every Punjabi at least more than once but before this I have not been there. Plan of this trip is little interesting J
Day 0 (10 Aug 2008)
Our mid-term exam ended. I asked few of my friends to go for some trip to nearby place and I got cold response. Rakesh told me that he and Roshan along with HR guys are going to Amritsar but I was little reluctant at time.
I reached at dinner 5 mins before usual timings and saw all of them in mess. Now it was impossible for me stay in college while so many others going out. So I just told them that I am coming and I was there ready to go without any railway-ticket and arrangement (thanks to their friendliness as I had not met majority of them except Amit he is difficult to ignore due to his height).
We reached Ghaziabad Station at 9:30 and I bought general ticket which we later converted to SL.
Day 1 (11 Aug 2008)
We woke-up around 7AM and we was supposed to be Amritsar by this time But mind you ‘Chattisgarh-Express’ is really a fast train and we was behind schedule by 5 hours. On the way I passed on rail-lines in front of my Engg. college ( In college we use to think about travelling on this track).On the way Sarwan was eager to go his village just before station but we didn’t let him go.
We reached Amritsar at 1PM late by 6 hours. After getting fresh at station we went to ‘Harmandir Sahib’. Yes the place is really beautiful. Nearby is ‘Jallianwala Bagh’ where sign of mascare is still there. It was 3PM and we took taxi to ‘Wagah-Border’. Sarwan left to meet his family now
The place is of utter importance between India and Pakistan. The enthusiasm from both the sides was awesome and Slogan of ‘ Hindustan Jindabad’ and ‘Pakistan Jindabad’ was filling the environment with patriotism .By 5:30 PM ceremony was over and we came back to Amritsar by 6:30PM.
We decide to have dinner at ‘Bharawan da Dhaba’. Spending half an hour more at Golden temple we was back to station where Sarwan was waiting for us and he bought ticket for me as well. After some nitty-gitties I was able to get a seat. Good Night.
Day 2 (12 Aug 2008)
Reached Delhi around 7 AM and I left them as I was having a schedule to see ‘Singh is King’ with friends at Noida. Good bye that is how a good trip ended.

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