Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Gift

It have been really a stop on my trips but now,i got placement in JP Morgan Chase. I promise you i will be try my best to be regular.

Date:- 22 Jan 2010
First short list came based on the profile. Yes, my name is there on the list and I have to appear for the written test today at 9:00 PM.

Date:- 27 Jan 2010
ya, I have cleared written test and along with me is the list of 51 more people from my college. List is there in the photos attached below. Next process is case discussion where we was given a case, we have to jolt down points (which you think are important) carry it to next room where you have to discuss it.
Next room there was discussion. First time i made some good points and got it through.

Date:- 28 Jan 2010
Here come interview day, after waiting for like whole day my interview came around at 5:30 PM. It was not a stressful one and they was bit easier on letting you explain and say whatever you want.

Best Birthday Gift:
29 Jan..coming to be my birthday and got in JPMC around 9 PM.

Trip gonna come now :)

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