Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mangalore Visit

Nitin and I ,took direct bus @11:35 PM from KSTRC Bangalore.

19th March

Reached Mangalore arnd 6:55. Directly went to Naveen's place, Neveen called taxi and we left for Manipal and Hanuman-Gundi.

Took breakfast at Chutney and reached Gundi(Falls) around 11:30AM. We spent good time as water was good enough make us realize it power. Stones were slippery. It was good fun and we left the place for Manipal arnd 2:30Pm.

Manipal is university town, we took lunch @ Saiba. Food was good which made trip interesting as compare to my other trips to Wayanad. Next stop was Malape beach in Udupi. Beach was clean where we took scooter ride. As moon was going to be closest to earth, we experience some high tides than normal in night. It was again nice experience. Booked a hotel in Udupi and took sound sleep.

20th March

Directly went to Main temple of Temple city of Udupi. Temple has some good rituals, we took breakfast in temple premises and left for Turtle bay resort. It has its own Private Beach. Saurbh and Nitin took bath over there.

I and Naveen were relaxing over there. After this next stop was Pabbas Ice cream chain in Mangalore. Ice-Cream was tasty which made us back into our college form. It was 6:30Pm now, packed our stuff from Naveen's place and left mangalore with Waiting tickets.

We were sitting on TT Seat , finally he arranged a seat for us. Reached home about 8:30 in morning.

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