Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wayanad Trip

Welcome to kerala ' God's own Country'.Wayanad is district made up of towns Sultan bathery, Kalpetta.

Route(approx Distance) : Bangalore-> Mysore(150KM)-> Gunglupet (200KM)-> Sultan Bathery(280 KM) -> Kalpetta (330KM)

Trip started early Saturday morning of 29 Oct 2010. I, Nitin and Sonam planned to leave 3 AM. Cab came around 5 AM and we found out that driver neither know way to Wayanad nor he knows Hindi . After 2 hours of trying here and there we get into new cab. We left Bangalore around 7:30AM. Vaibhav was coming with his friend and he met us in Wayanad.

Bangalore weather is really good and good were old songs that we played on the way. On Kerala entrance, you have to buy a pass to enter in state (Rs.450). I and Nitin went out to explore some jungle. We reached a village which was well fenced from Elephants ( Water stream circle was made outside village and electricity wire of low voltage cover the place to make elephant stay away). We took some photos there on river nearby.
We all decided to walk for next 2 Km. Vaibhav was already in Wayanad (as private vehicle do not need to buy pass). He had booked a room (in a lodge) in case we don't find anything else. It was 5 o'clock, it was not possible to visit anything else beside 'Jain Temple'. We went there and priest over there told us some places to visit. It was raining and we started looking for a nice place to stay. Nitin got a Resort contact and place was good to stay ( you can book at Bamboo Grove's: 09447400956).

Next day (30th Oct) we left early in morning for city where we hired a Jeep to roam around. First we went to 'Kurvadeep Island' but place was close due to heavy rain previous day and 'Kabini River' was flowing above danger mark. Next stop was 'Eddakal Caves', It offered some good spots to take picture but overall it didn't meet my expectations.

Last and beautiful stop was 'Soochipara falls'. It is around 45 Km from 'Sulthan Bathery'. We all took a refreshing bath there and started out back journey to bangalore. On the way we took food at 'Kamat Madhuvan' to cover up food quota of a trip.

Note: If you are coming to Wayanad with expectations of cool weather and nice food then kindly turn your car to either Ooty, Munaar or Coorg. But if you are looking for Jungle experience then come wayanad with trekking plan.

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